Proper Tongue Cleaning Might Save Your Life

Do You Ever Clean Your Tongue?

If not, you have probably noticed a white or yellow coating on your tongue’s surface. That’s Biofilm, and it’s home to billions of disease causing bacteria.

What is Biofilm?

This mucus-coating is a combination of food debris, dead skin cells, and free-floating plaque. You’ll notice that it’s thickest on the back of the tongue where small bumps, called papillae, easily trap the stray debris. And while this all sounds pretty gross, what lies beneath is far worse.

Millions upon-millions of disease-causing, plaque forming, bad breath generating bacteria make their homes underneath the biofilm layer. They’re called anaerobic bacteria (think, opposite of aerobic), and they thrive in this kind of oxygen-free environments.

The debris and bacteria in biofilm are responsible for a variety of oral and dental problems:

  1. Biofilm and it’s bacteria are responsible for 99% of bad breath! First, the bacteria and debris, in and under the biofilm putrefy. Then, they start producing foul-smelling sulphur-gases, called VSCs, responsible for bad breath, and serious halitosis. 50% of people who do not practice tongue cleaning have detectable degree of VSCs and bad breath.
  2. Biofilm allows plaque and tartar to build-up rapidly. According to the National Institute of Health, left unchecked plaque can cause tartar to build-up around the teeth and gums. This causes cavities to form, and leads to tooth-decay, or complete tooth-loss. Dental decay, puts you at serious risk for gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. And people with gum disease are far more susceptible to systemic diseases, which affect the body’s total health and overall well-being.
  3. Tongue cleaning might save your life! Recent studies have recently concluded that those with oral diseases like gingivitis, halitosis, periodontitis, and tooth-loss are far more likely to experience systemic disease in their lifetime. In a new report filed by the Center for Disease Control, scientists warn those with poor oral hygiene, can expect to be at a higher risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, as well as other systemic conditions.

Tongue Cleaning: Remove Biofilm at the Source!

Proper Tongue Cleaning will eliminate biofilm, and it’s components at the source! To properly clean your tongue you should use a flat, angled scraper (like the ProFresh Tongue Cleaner) and place the fan-shaped cleaning edge on the very back of your tongue. Make sure the angled-edge is facing down. Hold the Tongue Cleaner firmly again your tongue and pull it forward.

Repeat this motion 3-6 times, rinsing your mouth and the tongue cleaner with water each time. Be sure to clean the sides of your tongue as well as the middle to remove all biofilm. Extending your tongue as much as possible will help reach the row of small-bumps that lie at the back of the tongue.

Now, Neutralize the Bacteria

Daily use of an alcohol-free, Antimicrobial Oral Rinse, like ProFresh, is the only way to prevent the bacteria and biofilm from coming back. While there are many kinds of antibacterial oral rinse, patented ProFresh Oral Rinse is the most effective. The Molecular Chlorine Dioxide in ProFresh (ClO2) cleanses the mouth in a variety of ways. ProFresh is specially formulated, and clinically proven to:

  • Reduce proteins that allow anaerobic bacteria to ferment
  • Neutralize anaerobic bacteria, pathogens and the smell they produce on contact
  • Remove oral debris, loosening the biofilm coating
  • Destroy any free-floating dental plaque,
  • Inhibit tartar build-up on the teeth and around gums
  • Prevent plaque, VSCs, and biofilm from reforming
  • Leave healthy tissue completely untouched

Practicing proper tongue cleaning is important! It keeps your mouth clean, your breath fresh, and your teeth where they’re supposed to be. It can help prevent both oral and systemic disease. And, it’s an incredibly simple and quick addition to your daily routine.

So the next time you brush your teeth, try not to forget about your tongue. It might just save your life.

For more information about ProFresh, tongue cleaning, and your oral health visit

Oral Health & Overall Wellness

Maintaining good oral hygiene may be more important than you thought. Researchers have discovered significant links between bacteria that thrive in your mouth and serious health conditions, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

What’s the link?

  1. Plaque build-up around the gum line will lead to gum infections, otherwise known as gingivitis and periodontal disease
  2. People with these infections experience inflammation in the mouth, allowing bacteria (like those that cause bad breath) to enter the bloodstream, and infiltrate other areas of the body.
  3. These toxins can then cause inflammation in other parts of the body (in arteries for example) contributing to a variety of other serious health conditions.
  4. The more severe the oral infection, the higher the risk for a range of other diseases.

What kind of diseases?

Cardiovascular Disease – The inflammation caused by the oral bacteria in the bloodstream, provides a base for plaque to form and build up in the arteries. This “atherosclerotic” plaque increases your risk of heart attack, heart muscle infection, and stroke.

Diabetes – Those with diabetes are already at an increased risk for developing gum disease. Infection can cause insulin resistance, disrupting blood sugar control, making diabetes more difficult to keep-in-check.

Preterm Birth – Toxins from oral infection can interfere with a baby’s development. They can also cause mothers to produce the chemicals which trigger labor, potentially leading to premature birth.

What can you do?

Keeping these harmful bacteria and toxins in check is essential! The best way, is to keep your mouth as clean as possible. Normal brushing and flossing are a good start, but they can’t clear bacteria from the crevasses in your mouth where they live.

The best solution is to use an antibacterial, therapeutic mouth rinse like ProFresh, in order to reach every part of the mouth. ProFresh takes a dual-level approach. It destroys, 99.9% of the oral bacteria, and prevents plaque from forming. Rinsing twice-a-day, also prevents the bacteria from coming back.

The active ingredient in Profresh Rinse, Activated Chlorine Dioxide, kills oral bacteria from the outside-in, destroying the bacteria’s cell wall first. Traditional mouthwashes that contain alcohol kill bacteria from the inside-out, and lose effectiveness before they totally penetrate bacterial cells. Using ProFresh ensures that bacteria are completely eliminated, and rinsing twice-a-day, also prevents the bacteria from coming back.

Enter ProFresh: Comments from a 20-Year ProFresh User

Last week, I received an email from a customer named Mark who’s been using ProFresh for 20 years. Mark casually mentioned that he has been a long-time customer, and that he would like to submit a review to be posted on our website.

I gladly responded, asking him to send me an email with his comments. The short story I received in return stopped me dead in my tracks:

“Twenty years ago, painfully aware that people would literally take a step back from me during conversations, I knew I had to solve an issue that was affecting my world in a major way.
Enter ProFresh.
Desperate for help, I eagerly made my initial purchase, not at all sure what to expect. Within days of my initial use, I noticed a huge change in the way that people reacted to me. They didn’t do the “two step” back-away that I’d grown accustomed to. Amazingly, they treated me the same way they would treat anyone.
Stunned and grateful for the results, I haven’t failed to use ProFresh for more than a handful of days in the past 20 years.
I greet every new personal encounter with complete confidence in my breath. ProFresh has made me a happier, more confident, and fulfilled person. I cannot recommend this product more enthusiastically.”

Mark, I cannot tell you how pleased we were to hear this at the ProFresh offices.

At ProFresh our mission isn’t only curing halitosis. In fact, our goal is to restore confidence, improve relationships, and help people to live happier lives.

If ProFresh has helped you overcome your struggle with bad breath, I encourage you to write to us and tell us your story.  Personal account like these, help let others battling halitosis know that they are not alone, and that a solution does exist.

To share your story simply send an email to, and I will be more than happy to help share your success.

Happy National Fresh Breath Month: Free Tongue Cleaners for All

Don’t forget your free tongue cleaner!

As you might know ProFresh is celebrating National Fresh Breath Day all August long, and we’re giving out presents! Keep bad breath at bay with a free ProFresh Tongue Cleaner. Tongue cleaning  is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fight halitosis and plaque.

What does a tongue cleaner do?

Using a tongue cleaner removes a nasty coating of “biofilm” from the mouth. Biofilm is that white stuff we see on our tongues, and one of the leading causes of bad breath. It may look harmless but it’s actually a collection of oral debris that’s made up of, dead skin cells and blood cells, carbohydrates, sugars, and other digestible bacterial matter. And not only does it cause bad breath, but also causes plaque levels in the mouth to skyrocket. Don’t fear though, tongue cleaning twice a day before brushing can seriously reduce your levels of biofilm, leaving your mouth clean and breath fresh.

5 Tongue Cleaning Tips

  1. Gently clean your tongue twice-a-day, BEFORE brushing. Start from the back and pull forward. This ensures that the film won’t be spread to other areas of the mouth while you brush.
  2. Reach the furthest part of your tongue that you can without making yourself gag. A lot of biofilm likes to sit on the back of the tongue where normal brushing doesn’t reach.
  3. Use an activated mouth rinse like ProFresh before you clean your tongue. ProFresh kills any anaerobic bacteria and organic matter present in the mouth. Using ProFresh rinse before your tongue cleaner ensures that you are sweeping away all of the bad breath causing debris in your mouth.
  4. Replace your tongue cleaner every 2-3 months. Just like your toothbrush, eventually tongue cleaners need to be replaced. Always use a new tongue cleaner if you’ve just been sick.
  5. If you lose your free tongue cleaner, or you forget it at home, try using a spoon to remove biofilm.

Haven’t gotten your tongue cleaner yet?

Follow the link to our Facebook page. From there you will find instructions about how to get your tongue cleaner shipped to your door. Here’s wishing everyone a very happy National Fresh Breath Day, breathe easy and smile! ProFresh Facebook Giveaway:

ProFresh Tongue Cleaner

About National Fresh Breath Day – Aug. 6th

“National Fresh Breath Day” was created by dentists and oral care professionals, to raise awareness that breath is an important part of overall health and wellness. National Fresh Breath Day reminds us to keep our breath fresh by eliminating bacteria, reducing the risk of Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, and of course, Halitosis. On August 6th take the opportunity to refresh your oral care routine, and remind your friends and family of the importance of breath health. Visit for more information about the best practices for your oral care.

It’s National Fresh Breath Day All Month Long at ProFresh

It’s Christmas in August! Well it is at ProFresh anyway…

On Wednesday August 6th, the United States will celebrate our favorite holiday, National Fresh Breath Day. But one day wasn’t enough for us, so we decided to celebrate for the entire month.

Throughout August ProFresh will celebrate National Fresh Breath Month by giving away free products, special promotions, and tips to keep your breath fresh and your mouth at its healthiest.

Give Your Mouth a Makeover in 5 Steps

Get ready for National Fresh Breath Day by giving yourself an oral health makeover. Here are 5 simple tips to ensure that you’re on the right track to perfect health.

1. Give Your Dental Tools a Fresh Start

Soak your toothbrush, tongue cleaner, and flosser in Activated ProFresh Oral Rinse. The active chlorine dioxide in ProFresh kills all bacteria and organic compounds that like to live on your dental tools. Soaking them in a clean glass with the rinse for 5-10 minutes does the trick.

2. At Home Debridement

Gently brush and scrape all soft surfaces in the mouth. This helps to eliminate free floating anaerobic bacteria and Volatile Sulfur Compounds that can build up in areas not regularly brushed.

It also helps to remove plaque that may have accumulated in pockets of your mouth. This goes a long way to ensuring fresh breath and a healthy mouth. To make your debriding more effective, hold ProFresh Oral Rinse in your mouth with brushing and scraping. This will ensure that all of the bacteria has been eliminated

3. Check for Sensitive Spots.

If your mouth or gums are sensitive make sure to give special attention to those places when brushing and flossing. Be gentle when clearing away debris in these hot spots. You can also apply ProFresh Oral Rinse to a sterile gauze pad and rest it in-between your lip and gums. This will reduce sensitivity and swelling. If pain persists call your dentist, this can be a sign of more serious dental problems.

4. Use an Antibacterial Oral Rinse

Use a cleansing oral rinse, like ProFresh, twice daily to prevent the buildup of plaque and free floating bacteria in the mouth. Using a cleansing oral rinse not only kills the bacteria that cause bad breath (VSCs), but also the organic compounds that make up plaque.

If plaque is left unchecked it can turn into tartar causing the gum tissue to swell, eventually cause gingivitis.

5. When Was Your Last Dental Checkup?

If it’s been more than 6 months since your last cleaning its time to make an appointment!

Performing an oral care makeover is a simple and healthy way to get ready for National Fresh Breath Day. Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page for more information about how to maintain a healthy mouth. Check back throughout August for the latest offerings and info from the ProFresh team. Breathe easy and smile!

National Fresh Breath Day Aug 6th
Celebrating National Fresh Breath Day, all month long…

About National Fresh Breath Day – Aug. 6th

“National Fresh Breath Day” was created by dentists and oral care professionals, to raise awareness that breath is an important part of overall health and wellness. National Fresh Breath Day reminds us to keep our breath fresh by eliminating bacteria, reducing the risk of Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, and of course, Halitosis. On August 6th take the opportunity to refresh your oral care routine, and remind your friends and family of the importance of breath health.

Do You Know Someone with Bad Breath?

It’s not easy to tell a friend they have bad breath! Let us do it for you….

It can be so awkward… your friend has recurring bad breath but it’s too uncomfortable to tell them! You feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can tell them and risk your friendship and their embarrassment. Or you can continue to say nothing and watch as other people avoid interaction with them. You can see possibilities passing them by for relationships and even opportunities at work fading because of their bad breath. You keep thinking that you would want a friend to tell you if you had halitosis. But that doesn’t make it easier to be the one giving the harsh news!

ProFresh Can Help Your Friend with Bad Breath
It’s a familiar story, but we can help! We’ll be happy to give your friend the news in a way that will be comfortable for both of you – anonymously. We will be courteous and let them know that they are not alone; bad breath affects at least 50 million people in the US. And we’ll let them know about ProFresh – a bad breath cure that has been proven 99% effective. They’ll be happy to know there is a solution! Like our customer below who wrote us to say:

“ProFresh is absolutely a life changer. To not have bad breath any more is such a relief…. [I] do not know what I would do without it. Thank you ProFresh!!” – S. Stewart

About ProFresh Bad Breath Cure
The ProFresh Breath Care System makes it easy for your friend to have fresh breath 24-hours a day. The system is guaranteed or we’ll refund your friend’s money. We can be this bold because the ProFresh system is backed by scientific evidence. Clinical studies have shown that ProFresh is 99% effective in eliminating chronic halitosis. ProFresh attacks bad breath at its source — the tongue! That’s right, scientific studies have shown that bad breath is caused by bacteria that accumulate on the back of the tongue. ProFresh has been scientifically developed and proven clinically effective in:

1. Removing the odor-causing bacteria that lead to bad breath
2. Eliminating the offensive odors these bacteria produce
3. Leaving the user with fresh clean breath

ProFresh requires just a simple two-minute addition to your friend’s daily oral hygiene routine for breath that’s guaranteed to stay fresh 24-hours a day. Your friend can say goodbye to mints, pills, gums and even morning breath! ProFresh is the perfect opportunity for your friend to end the embarrassment of bad breath and gain new confidence!

Let Us Do the Dirty Work
Just visit our “Request Literature” page to request that we send literature about ProFresh to your friend. Simply click here to send us their name and email address. We will take care of the rest.

Save on ProFresh Bad Breath Cure

ProFresh can stop your bad breath with an investment of only a dollar a day!  So for less than you pay for your morning coffee or the toll on your way to work, you can be confident that your breath is fresh – all day long.  It’s a small price to pay for a true bad breath cure that can transform how you interact with others at work and at home.  With ProFresh on your side, you can go ahead and get closer… without worry.

The ProFresh Breath Care System makes it easy with a clear daily routine that anyone can follow in just minutes a day.  It’s simple, highly-effective and affordable.  And because we would like to make fresh breath available to everyone suffering from halitosis, we would like to make you aware of an important way you can save money on ProFresh.

Save on Shipping Costs

You can save significantly on shipping costs by ordering several bottles at one time.  In our shopping cart we can’t show your shipping costs until we have all of your order details.  So customer’s often do not realize that they can dramatically reduce their per bottle shipping cost by ordering more bottles at once.

Shipping and handling costs are the same whether you buy 1, 2 or 3 bottles. So if you buy 3 bottles at once rather than 1 bottle each time, you save nearly $19 on shipping! And if you buy 6 bottles at once rather than one at a time, you save over $44 in shipping!


Concerned About Shelf Life?

Are you concerned that if you order several bottles of ProFresh at once there could be an issue with shelf life that could make ProFresh less effective?  You can rest assured that this is not a concern.  ProFresh is a unique patented formula that is activated by the user before use.  The shelf life on ProFresh is 2 years before activation.  Thanks to ProFresh’s unique patented bottle, once activated the rinse retains its effectiveness for up to 2 years if sealed and stored at room temperature. So you never have to worry that your ProFresh rinse will expire before you are ready to use it.  In fact, you could activate all of your bottles when they arrive and then it will be easy to grab the next bottle as the current one runs out.  We recommend that you mark the lid with an “X” as a reminder that the bottle is activated.

For just a dollar a day you can be totally free of bad breath.  Check out our web site at and don’t forget – the more you buy, the more you save!