The Body Language of Bad Breath

From eye rolls, hands on the hip and slight smirks, we use body language every day with or without realizing it. In situations where it may not be appropriate to verbalize our thoughts, our body language often tells the tale of our feelings and emotions. For people questioning whether they have chronic bad breath or halitosis, reading the body language of the people you come in close contact with is a good place to start.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend, co-workers, or people you chat it up with on your morning commute display the following body language, you may suffer from chronic bad breath or halitosis:

–       Putting their hands in front of their mouth and nose

–       Backing away when you enter their “comfort zone”

–       Making faces as if they’ve smelled something unpleasant

–       Avoiding lengthy conversation or even small talk with you

–       Turning their face away from you

These are just a few ways in which people express their feelings about breath odor. If people are constantly offering you mints, this may be another (albeit more verbal) indicator that you have bad breath issues. Of course, these are not fool proof. The only true way to tell if you have bad breath is to ask someone you trust to smell it for you – a breath buddy. We’ll discuss this further in our next blog.

If you are certain you have bad breath and would like to learn about how ProFresh can turn these body language patterns around, please visit us at and “Like” us on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “The Body Language of Bad Breath

  1. I suffer from chronic halitosis. I have healthy teeth and gums and have verified the problem is not coming from my mouth. It is coming from dry mouth, stress, my throat, and stomach. I have tried your product and it did not work for me. I still have chronic halitosis. I believe your product probably helps people with mild cases of bad breath, but not for someone like me. How about creating something for people with extreme cases of halitosis. You would be saving lives of millions of people.

    • I see you bought a ProFresh Kit in October 2010. I was wondering if you had a Breath Buddy testing your breath.
      Halitosis originates with bacteria in the back of the throat. Teeth and gums have little to do with the problem unless the gums are very bad. Of course ProFresh cannot stop food odors originating from the stomach.
      Write directly to if you would like to talk.

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