ProFresh’s Extreme Breath Makeover Contest


Everyone has a friend, co-worker or relative with bad breath. This year, make it your New Year’s Resolution to help them.

ProFresh Breath is offering you a chance to change their life and help them regain confidence with our ProFresh Extreme Breath Makeover Contest! For four weeks, starting on January 11nd and ending February 10th, people across the country will have the opportunity to enter the ProFresh Extreme Breath Makeover Contest. The Grand Prize winner will receive a 1-year supply of the ProFresh.

How can you enter this contest? Simply tell us your bad breath story and why your friend, relative or co-worker deserves the Extreme Breath Makeover. You don’t have to use real names, and you can certainly nominate yourself.

Each week we will pick two of our favorite entries. They can be funny, sad, shocking – but most of all truthful – stories of a person you know whose bad breath has effected their lives and the lives of the people around them. The first place weekly winner will receive a ProFresh starter kit. The weekly runner up will advance to the public voting round and a chance to win the grand prize.

Beginning February 13th, we will announce the finalists, and the public will vote on their favorite entry. The one that gets the most votes by February 20th will receive a 1-year supply of ProFresh, valued at $300.

Tell us about how you cringe when you hear their breath become the running joke at the office or family gatherings. Or how they struggle to find romance. Or some of the ways you’ve found to avoid getting too close to them.  The best thing you can for a loved one with chronic bad breath is tell them.  The second best thing is win them free ProFresh.

So head over to our Facebook page, click on the “Extreme Breath Makeover” application on the left hand side and tell us why the person you care about deserves an EXTREME BREATH MAKEOVER!

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