Aging and Bad Breath


We recently announced the winner of our first ever Extreme Breath Makeover contest, Melissa C. Melissa won a free year’s supply of ProFresh with her story, “Did Sissy Poop her pants Nana?” It was a funny story about a Grandmother who was informed of her bad breath in a cute and innocent manner by her grandchild. Melissa’s story also touched on a subject that many people ask: “Does aging have an effect on our breath?”

 It is in our human nature to look towards the future and wonder what are our lives will be like as we age.  Whether you imagine yourself retired on a beach community in Florida, helping raise grandchildren, or continuing to work at the job you love, there is one hope that is universally desired: we want to age with grace.

As we get older, bad breath can become an increasing problem. Tooth decay and dental issues are some common causes for this. Also, as we age our mouth produces less moisture through saliva, and a dry mouth is one of the leading causes of bad breath.

The problem with bad breath developing as we age is that it is impossible to tell for yourself if you have developed the problem.  No one can tell on their own if they have it.  For that reason, it’s important to have a Breath Buddy.  Find someone you love and trust to help you check on a regular basis.  You may want to find someone a little more sensitive than the granddaughter in Melissa’s story.

At ProFresh, we advise to take action against bad breath now and help you age gracefully. The ProFresh System has been proven clinically effective to remove bad breath bacteria. As always, we encourage you to get the facts about bad breath and halitosis at Your breath’s future may just depend on it.

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