Sneaky Ways to Save on ProFresh – Your Bad Breath Cure

Times are tight and we know people are looking for ways to save some money on their favorite products and services – including their bad breath cure.  That’s why we wanted to make you aware of two ways you can save some dough on ProFresh!

Discover How You Can Save Shipping Costs on ProFresh

If you are a regular ProFresh user, you can save on shipping costs by ordering several bottles at one time.  In our shopping cart we can’t show your shipping costs until we have all of your order details, so you may not realize that you can reduce your per bottle shipping cost by placing fewer orders and ordering more bottles at once. (The shelf life on ProFresh is 2 years before activation, so if you are a regular user you never have to worry that your ProFresh rinse will expire before you are ready to use it.)

Shipping and handling costs are the same whether you buy 1, 2 or 3 bottles. So if you buy 3 bottles at once rather than 1 bottle each time, you save nearly $19 on shipping! And if you buy 6 bottles at once rather than one at a time, you save over $44 in shipping!Image

Save Even More with Automatic Shipping

In addition to the savings on shipping costs, you can save another $.50 per bottle by signing up for our automatic shipment program.  This is a great service that saves you the hassle of re-ordering your bad breath cure and will ensure that you never run out of ProFresh!  Automatic shipments can recur every 30, 60 or 90 days (longer intervals when you order higher quantities) and you can cancel or change your auto-shipment plan at any time by calling 1-800-210-2110.

Setting up automatic shipments is easy!  Just click here and in the drop-down box to the far right of the product you wish to order, select the intervals for your shipment.  Then click “Add to Cart”.  We’ll take care of the rest.

The next time you are ready to place an order for ProFresh – your bad breath cure – we hope you will keep these money saving tips in mind!

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