Discovering a Chlorine Dioxide Bad Breath Cure

Dr. Jon L. Richter D.M.D., PH.D.
Founder of ProFresh and World Recognized Authority on Halitosis

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a water-soluble gas that is a highly effective and non-toxic deodorizer and anti-bacterial agent.  In 1992 Dr. Jon Richter D.M.D., PH.D., founded the first bad breath clinic in the United States. In his clinic, he discovered that almost all cases of bad breath originate from a type of bacteria that lives primarily on the back surface of the tongue. He found that cleaning the back of the tongue and rinsing with a solution containing chlorine dioxide eliminated bad breath in over 99% of the patients he treated.  His exciting early results have since been scientifically proven in clinical studies.

ProFresh – Chlorine Dioxide Oral Rinse – is Born

To bring this important breakthrough to the public at large, Dr. Richter created the ProFresh Breath Care System which features the ProFresh chlorine dioxide oral rinse.  Though it is listed as an ingredient in many mouth rinses, only one product – ProFresh – actually contains chlorine dioxide. This uniqueness is confirmed by ProFresh’s patent on the use of chlorine dioxide for neutralizing bad breath (U.S. Patent No. 5,738,840). In fact this U.S. Patent awarded to Dr. Richter for ProFresh excludes any other mouth rinse from containing a significant amount of chlorine dioxide.

Consumer Alert:  “Stabilized” Chlorine Dioxide Mouthwash

As the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide became more well-known, other bad breath products on the market began to claim the benefits of chlorine dioxide.  Consumers should be aware that “stabilized” chlorine dioxide mouthwash products often claim the benefits of chlorine dioxide without any supporting research. Chlorine dioxide and “stabilized” chlorine dioxide are far from the same!  These “stabilized” chlorine dioxide mouth rinses contain sodium chlorite which is a salt used in the manufacture of chlorine dioxide. As a chemical precursor of chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite is also called “stabilized chlorine dioxide” although, in fact, it contains no chlorine dioxide at all!

Only ProFresh contains chlorine dioxide at levels known to stop bad breath.  The U.S. Patent for ProFresh ensures this fact.

ProFresh is available for in-home use.  Click here for information:

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