Common Questions About ProFresh

Stob Bad Breath with ProFresh

Gail works in a dental office and had struggled with bad breath for a long time.  She had tried many products and found that nothing worked – until she ordered ProFresh:

“It seems like nothing short of a miracle… after trying soooo many products I was thoroughly convinced this embarrassing problem was stomach related.  I actually cannot tell you what prompted me to purchase yet another product….THANK GOD I DID.  A TRUE BLESSING AND MIRACLE. “  — Gail

Gail also had several questions about ProFresh, its safety and usage.  We are sharing her questions and our replies below.

Q:  Is ProFresh completely safe for long term use?

A:  Yes, ProFresh is completely safe for long term use. We have customers who have used ProFresh for over 15 years.  In addition, Kross-Link Laboratories and Hilltop Research have assessed the safety of ProFresh and determined that it is completely safe when used as directed. Instructions are to rinse with ProFresh and spit out.  Kross-Link Laboratories suggests that even if a ProFresh user ingested 10% of the recommended daily dose of ProFresh – which is very unlikely – they would still be well within safe limits of ingestion of the active compound chlorine dioxide.   Chlorine dioxide has long been used to purify drinking water supplies worldwide.

Q:  What happens if I swallow a little?  I love to use the little carry-around spray bottle of ProFresh, but when I am on the go it is not convenient to rinse and spit ProFresh out.  Is it safe to swallow?

A:  Yes ProFresh is safe to swallow when sprayed from the small bottle.  Ingesting this small amount is safe.

Q:  Does the effectiveness fade with time?  Please tell me I will not become “immune” to the active agent in ProFresh making the rinse less effective over time!

A:  ProFresh is effective for long-term use.  You will not become “immune” to its breath-freshening agent.

Q:  Your instructions recommend that new users add two “A” Activator and two “B” Activator packs to the first bottle.  This double strength bottled has worked great for me.  Will I always need those extra activators?

A: We recommend double activating the first bottle to quickly attack the built-up bacteria on your tongue that cause bad breath.  About 20% of our customers double activate all bottles for extra strength.  By having a loved one check your breath, you can determine if you need to continue with double activation.

For more information about ProFresh, click here:

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