Save on ProFresh Bad Breath Cure

ProFresh can stop your bad breath with an investment of only a dollar a day!  So for less than you pay for your morning coffee or the toll on your way to work, you can be confident that your breath is fresh – all day long.  It’s a small price to pay for a true bad breath cure that can transform how you interact with others at work and at home.  With ProFresh on your side, you can go ahead and get closer… without worry.

The ProFresh Breath Care System makes it easy with a clear daily routine that anyone can follow in just minutes a day.  It’s simple, highly-effective and affordable.  And because we would like to make fresh breath available to everyone suffering from halitosis, we would like to make you aware of an important way you can save money on ProFresh.

Save on Shipping Costs

You can save significantly on shipping costs by ordering several bottles at one time.  In our shopping cart we can’t show your shipping costs until we have all of your order details.  So customer’s often do not realize that they can dramatically reduce their per bottle shipping cost by ordering more bottles at once.

Shipping and handling costs are the same whether you buy 1, 2 or 3 bottles. So if you buy 3 bottles at once rather than 1 bottle each time, you save nearly $19 on shipping! And if you buy 6 bottles at once rather than one at a time, you save over $44 in shipping!


Concerned About Shelf Life?

Are you concerned that if you order several bottles of ProFresh at once there could be an issue with shelf life that could make ProFresh less effective?  You can rest assured that this is not a concern.  ProFresh is a unique patented formula that is activated by the user before use.  The shelf life on ProFresh is 2 years before activation.  Thanks to ProFresh’s unique patented bottle, once activated the rinse retains its effectiveness for up to 2 years if sealed and stored at room temperature. So you never have to worry that your ProFresh rinse will expire before you are ready to use it.  In fact, you could activate all of your bottles when they arrive and then it will be easy to grab the next bottle as the current one runs out.  We recommend that you mark the lid with an “X” as a reminder that the bottle is activated.

For just a dollar a day you can be totally free of bad breath.  Check out our web site at and don’t forget – the more you buy, the more you save!

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