It’s National Fresh Breath Day All Month Long at ProFresh

It’s Christmas in August! Well it is at ProFresh anyway…

On Wednesday August 6th, the United States will celebrate our favorite holiday, National Fresh Breath Day. But one day wasn’t enough for us, so we decided to celebrate for the entire month.

Throughout August ProFresh will celebrate National Fresh Breath Month by giving away free products, special promotions, and tips to keep your breath fresh and your mouth at its healthiest.

Give Your Mouth a Makeover in 5 Steps

Get ready for National Fresh Breath Day by giving yourself an oral health makeover. Here are 5 simple tips to ensure that you’re on the right track to perfect health.

1. Give Your Dental Tools a Fresh Start

Soak your toothbrush, tongue cleaner, and flosser in Activated ProFresh Oral Rinse. The active chlorine dioxide in ProFresh kills all bacteria and organic compounds that like to live on your dental tools. Soaking them in a clean glass with the rinse for 5-10 minutes does the trick.

2. At Home Debridement

Gently brush and scrape all soft surfaces in the mouth. This helps to eliminate free floating anaerobic bacteria and Volatile Sulfur Compounds that can build up in areas not regularly brushed.

It also helps to remove plaque that may have accumulated in pockets of your mouth. This goes a long way to ensuring fresh breath and a healthy mouth. To make your debriding more effective, hold ProFresh Oral Rinse in your mouth with brushing and scraping. This will ensure that all of the bacteria has been eliminated

3. Check for Sensitive Spots.

If your mouth or gums are sensitive make sure to give special attention to those places when brushing and flossing. Be gentle when clearing away debris in these hot spots. You can also apply ProFresh Oral Rinse to a sterile gauze pad and rest it in-between your lip and gums. This will reduce sensitivity and swelling. If pain persists call your dentist, this can be a sign of more serious dental problems.

4. Use an Antibacterial Oral Rinse

Use a cleansing oral rinse, like ProFresh, twice daily to prevent the buildup of plaque and free floating bacteria in the mouth. Using a cleansing oral rinse not only kills the bacteria that cause bad breath (VSCs), but also the organic compounds that make up plaque.

If plaque is left unchecked it can turn into tartar causing the gum tissue to swell, eventually cause gingivitis.

5. When Was Your Last Dental Checkup?

If it’s been more than 6 months since your last cleaning its time to make an appointment!

Performing an oral care makeover is a simple and healthy way to get ready for National Fresh Breath Day. Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page for more information about how to maintain a healthy mouth. Check back throughout August for the latest offerings and info from the ProFresh team. Breathe easy and smile!

National Fresh Breath Day Aug 6th
Celebrating National Fresh Breath Day, all month long…

About National Fresh Breath Day – Aug. 6th

“National Fresh Breath Day” was created by dentists and oral care professionals, to raise awareness that breath is an important part of overall health and wellness. National Fresh Breath Day reminds us to keep our breath fresh by eliminating bacteria, reducing the risk of Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, and of course, Halitosis. On August 6th take the opportunity to refresh your oral care routine, and remind your friends and family of the importance of breath health.

Bad Breath Cure Also Supports Healthier Teeth and Gums

Struggling with plaque or gum disease?  ProFresh customers and their dentists’ report healthier teeth and gums!

ProFresh is well-known as a highly-effective bad breath cure, but it does more than just stop chronic halitosis.  It also supports a healthier mouth!

Active chlorine dioxide is the key ingredient in ProFresh that makes this oral rinse unique.  Chlorine dioxide is a safe, but tough antibacterial.  The ProFresh System considerably decreases the amount of free floating bacteria in the mouth, and as a result, the amount of dental plaque that builds up around the teeth and gums.  Dental plaque causes tooth decay and periodontal disease.  While active chlorine dioxide is the star of this show, there is an important co-star….

Tongue cleaning is also a key component of the ProFresh System.  Studies have proven that tongue cleaning is very effective in reducing dental plaque as well as the bacteria that cause bad breath.  Removing the bacteria in the mouth by rinsing with ProFresh reduces dental plaque even further than tongue cleaning alone.

Science is important, but our customers know first-hand the effects of using ProFresh on their teeth and gums.  Here’s what they have to say:

“I use ProFresh in my water flosser. My dentist says to keep doing what I am as my teeth require very little cleaning.” – Larry A.

“After having 4 cavities when my diabetes was out of control, this was recommended by my dentist.  6 months later they said I have done a good job of keeping away plaque and no cavities.” – Denise M.

“This product has helped significantly with my periodontal gum disease.  My last four dental appoints have been great.” – Connie M.

“I’m a happy customer these days. The first time I tried ProFresh almost the same day my wife said I smelled good – no more odor.  Now that made my day. Then I went for my dental check-up after about 2 months on ProFresh and I have never got such a good report. I like the fact that I work on one problem and fix 2 … can’t beat that. Thanks – Ed

If you are struggling with plaque or gum disease, consider making ProFresh a part of your daily dental hygiene routine.  To order or learn more, visit:

Chlorine Dioxide Mouthwash Eliminates Bad Breath

What if you could rinse away bad breath with a highly-specialized mouthwash that contained a secret ingredient that was proven to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath?   Well you can!  The secret ingredient is active chlorine dioxide.  But be careful… only one mouthwash on the market has the concentration of chlorine dioxide necessary to kill the bacteria that are the root cause of bad breath.  The US Patent held by ProFresh International for its bad breath solution called ProFresh Oral Rinse, makes it the only chlorine dioxide mouthwash permitted, by law, to use active chlorine dioxide in the concentration scientifically-proven to stop bad breath.

Only ProFresh contains active chlorine dioxide at levels proven to stop bad breath. The U.S. Patent for ProFresh ensures this fact.

Other mouthwashes on the market present themselves as chlorine dioxide rinses when they – in fact – contain no chlorine dioxide at all.  TheraBreath, Oxyfresh, and CloSYS I for example contain stabilized chlorine dioxide.  This is tricky because the average person would assume that that means the product in fact contains chlorine dioxide.  If you are a scientist you know that stabilized chlorine dioxide actually contains no chlorine dioxide at all!  These “stabilized” chlorine dioxide mouth rinses contain sodium chlorite which is a salt used in the manufacture of chlorine dioxide. As a chemical precursor of chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite is also sometimes called “stabilized chlorine dioxide” although, in fact, it contains no chlorine dioxide at all! This is very misleading.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a well-known plastic surgeon often seen on the Rachael Ray show, recently published an article on discussing bad breath and how to address it (  His recommendation was to use a chlorine dioxide rinse!  Chlorine dioxide is safe and very effective at neutralizing the volatile sulfur compounds on the back of the tongue that cause bad breath odor.

Only ProFresh contains active chlorine dioxide at levels proven to stop bad breath.  The U.S. Patent for ProFresh ensures this fact.

For more information, or to place and order visit: