How to tell someone they have bad breath

You have the best intentions. Your friend has chronic bad breath and it is time to tell her. It’s not simply because the smell bothers you (which it does) but people are beginning to make fun of her behind her back. You’ve tried hinting about the problem to no avail. Telling her will hurt her feelings, but if she fixes the problem it will help her in the long run, right? But once the moment of truth comes, you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

This is a common experience. Telling someone that they have bad breath is not an envious burden. Even when you have the best intentions, at the end of the day you are still telling someone you care about something that could potentially hurt their feelings. At ProFresh, we’ve heard countless stories of people getting told about their bad breath. Here are some useful methods when telling someone about their bad breath.

1) Tell them in private. For obvious reasons, this is a conversation that you do not want to hold in public. Also, remember that this is not an intervention. You do not need to bring a group of people and have a sit down about bad breath.

2) Keep it light. And brief. Avoid emotional speeches – this is not the biggest issue in the world. Say what you have to say and leave it at that.

3) Be non-descriptive. Avoid getting into details about how bad their breath is, how everyone talks about it, etc. They will get the point.

4) Remember you are doing it for the right reasons. This isn’t going to be anyone’s favorite subject. If they get upset, defensive, or even angry realize their anger is not towards you but towards an embarrassing situation.

5) Offer to be their Breath Buddy.  Tell them the fact is that no one can smell their own breath, so there’s no way they could’ve known.  But you love them and you’re willing to check their breath for them every now and again.

If you still feel that you can’t do this, you can always send a friend literature on bad breath and halitosis anonymously from our website. This often gives people the hint that they need to fix their problem.


Breath Buddies

Have you ever been talking to someone with really terrible breath and wondered to yourself, “How can he NOT know that his breath is that bad?” The next silent question often is, “Is it possible that MY breath is that bad and I don’t know??”

The truth is that it is impossible to tell for yourself if you have bad breath.  You can try the trick everyone uses and cup your hands over your mouth to try to smell for yourself. It doesn’t work. The only way you can know that your breath carries a bad odor is someone else checking it.

Of course, it’s not something you can just walk up to someone and ask. There is a solution though – a Breath Buddy.  This might be a friend, family member, or significant other (In many cases, they may already know you have a problem).  Choose someone who is close to you – that would be at your bedside if you were in the hospital. If you really do have a problem, they’ll tell you. And of course, reciprocate the favor.

Most people are self-conscious about their breath and want to know the truth. If you are thinking about getting a Breath Buddy, here are some qualifications to think about when selecting yours:

–       Honesty

–       Trustworthiness

–       Someone you spend a lot of time with

Once you have chosen a Breath Buddy, you may be curious as to how the breath test works. As you might imagine there is no delicate way to test. Get close to your breath buddy’s face and exhale towards their nose. While this may seem like an undesirable method, having bad breath and not knowing is certainly not a happy alternative.

If you know someone who needs a Breath Buddy or if your Breath Buddy is regularly advising you to pop a mint or chew gum, your problem may be more than normal breath odor. Check out to learn more about bad breath and to see if the ProFresh Breath Care System will work for you and your buddy.