Proper Tongue Cleaning Might Save Your Life

Do You Ever Clean Your Tongue?

If not, you have probably noticed a white or yellow coating on your tongue’s surface. That’s Biofilm, and it’s home to billions of disease causing bacteria.

What is Biofilm?

This mucus-coating is a combination of food debris, dead skin cells, and free-floating plaque. You’ll notice that it’s thickest on the back of the tongue where small bumps, called papillae, easily trap the stray debris. And while this all sounds pretty gross, what lies beneath is far worse.

Millions upon-millions of disease-causing, plaque forming, bad breath generating bacteria make their homes underneath the biofilm layer. They’re called anaerobic bacteria (think, opposite of aerobic), and they thrive in this kind of oxygen-free environments.

The debris and bacteria in biofilm are responsible for a variety of oral and dental problems:

  1. Biofilm and it’s bacteria are responsible for 99% of bad breath! First, the bacteria and debris, in and under the biofilm putrefy. Then, they start producing foul-smelling sulphur-gases, called VSCs, responsible for bad breath, and serious halitosis. 50% of people who do not practice tongue cleaning have detectable degree of VSCs and bad breath.
  2. Biofilm allows plaque and tartar to build-up rapidly. According to the National Institute of Health, left unchecked plaque can cause tartar to build-up around the teeth and gums. This causes cavities to form, and leads to tooth-decay, or complete tooth-loss. Dental decay, puts you at serious risk for gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. And people with gum disease are far more susceptible to systemic diseases, which affect the body’s total health and overall well-being.
  3. Tongue cleaning might save your life! Recent studies have recently concluded that those with oral diseases like gingivitis, halitosis, periodontitis, and tooth-loss are far more likely to experience systemic disease in their lifetime. In a new report filed by the Center for Disease Control, scientists warn those with poor oral hygiene, can expect to be at a higher risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, as well as other systemic conditions.

Tongue Cleaning: Remove Biofilm at the Source!

Proper Tongue Cleaning will eliminate biofilm, and it’s components at the source! To properly clean your tongue you should use a flat, angled scraper (like the ProFresh Tongue Cleaner) and place the fan-shaped cleaning edge on the very back of your tongue. Make sure the angled-edge is facing down. Hold the Tongue Cleaner firmly again your tongue and pull it forward.

Repeat this motion 3-6 times, rinsing your mouth and the tongue cleaner with water each time. Be sure to clean the sides of your tongue as well as the middle to remove all biofilm. Extending your tongue as much as possible will help reach the row of small-bumps that lie at the back of the tongue.

Now, Neutralize the Bacteria

Daily use of an alcohol-free, Antimicrobial Oral Rinse, like ProFresh, is the only way to prevent the bacteria and biofilm from coming back. While there are many kinds of antibacterial oral rinse, patented ProFresh Oral Rinse is the most effective. The Molecular Chlorine Dioxide in ProFresh (ClO2) cleanses the mouth in a variety of ways. ProFresh is specially formulated, and clinically proven to:

  • Reduce proteins that allow anaerobic bacteria to ferment
  • Neutralize anaerobic bacteria, pathogens and the smell they produce on contact
  • Remove oral debris, loosening the biofilm coating
  • Destroy any free-floating dental plaque,
  • Inhibit tartar build-up on the teeth and around gums
  • Prevent plaque, VSCs, and biofilm from reforming
  • Leave healthy tissue completely untouched

Practicing proper tongue cleaning is important! It keeps your mouth clean, your breath fresh, and your teeth where they’re supposed to be. It can help prevent both oral and systemic disease. And, it’s an incredibly simple and quick addition to your daily routine.

So the next time you brush your teeth, try not to forget about your tongue. It might just save your life.

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ProFresh Not Only Prevents Bad Breath – It also Reduces Dental Plaque

stop bad breath
Not only will a ProFresh user have fresh breath but also a much healthier mouth!

Did you know that there is more you can do to prevent dental plaque than simply having your teeth cleaned regularly and brushing twice a day?  Studies show that regular tongue cleaning significantly reduces oral debris, which in turn, reduces plaque formation and accumulation on the teeth!  Dentists should be giving out tongue cleaners, in addition to that free toothbrush!

About Dental Plaque

Dental plaque is comprised of over 1,000 different bacteria that live in your mouth.  We can see it as a pale yellow film that forms on the teeth.  This film is the result of the bacteria attempting to attach themselves to the surface of your teeth.  At this stage dental plaque is easily removed, but after about 48 hours it can begin to harden.  Given 10 days or so, dental plaque can harden into tartar which is difficult to remove and linked to gum disease.

Dental plaque is commonly associated with tooth decay.  As dental plaque bacteria break down sugars in the mouth, they produce acids that destroy tissues of the teeth.  Dental plaque can also lead to gingivitis and chronic periodontitis.  Plus recent studies have linked dental plaque to heart disease.  So controlling plaque is not only about the health of your mouth, but also about the health of your most vital organ – your heart.

The ProFresh System Fights Dental Plaque

The ProFresh System provides a one-two punch to fighting dental plaque.  It provides you with a complete package of materials and instructions to achieve a new level of oral hygiene. The 2 main components of the system are the ProFresh oral rinse and the ProFresh tongue cleaner.  Using the ProFresh regimen twice a day, along with proper oral hygiene will keep your mouth healthy, significantly reduce dental plaque and leave your breath fresh 24 hours a day.  The ProFresh System significantly reduces the amount of free floating bacteria in the mouth and consequently the amount of dental plaque that builds up around the teeth and gums. Dental plaque causes dental decay and periodontal disease.

Not only will a ProFresh user have fresh breath but also a much healthier mouth!

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