Do You Know Someone with Bad Breath?

It’s not easy to tell a friend they have bad breath! Let us do it for you….

It can be so awkward… your friend has recurring bad breath but it’s too uncomfortable to tell them! You feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can tell them and risk your friendship and their embarrassment. Or you can continue to say nothing and watch as other people avoid interaction with them. You can see possibilities passing them by for relationships and even opportunities at work fading because of their bad breath. You keep thinking that you would want a friend to tell you if you had halitosis. But that doesn’t make it easier to be the one giving the harsh news!

ProFresh Can Help Your Friend with Bad Breath
It’s a familiar story, but we can help! We’ll be happy to give your friend the news in a way that will be comfortable for both of you – anonymously. We will be courteous and let them know that they are not alone; bad breath affects at least 50 million people in the US. And we’ll let them know about ProFresh – a bad breath cure that has been proven 99% effective. They’ll be happy to know there is a solution! Like our customer below who wrote us to say:

“ProFresh is absolutely a life changer. To not have bad breath any more is such a relief…. [I] do not know what I would do without it. Thank you ProFresh!!” – S. Stewart

About ProFresh Bad Breath Cure
The ProFresh Breath Care System makes it easy for your friend to have fresh breath 24-hours a day. The system is guaranteed or we’ll refund your friend’s money. We can be this bold because the ProFresh system is backed by scientific evidence. Clinical studies have shown that ProFresh is 99% effective in eliminating chronic halitosis. ProFresh attacks bad breath at its source — the tongue! That’s right, scientific studies have shown that bad breath is caused by bacteria that accumulate on the back of the tongue. ProFresh has been scientifically developed and proven clinically effective in:

1. Removing the odor-causing bacteria that lead to bad breath
2. Eliminating the offensive odors these bacteria produce
3. Leaving the user with fresh clean breath

ProFresh requires just a simple two-minute addition to your friend’s daily oral hygiene routine for breath that’s guaranteed to stay fresh 24-hours a day. Your friend can say goodbye to mints, pills, gums and even morning breath! ProFresh is the perfect opportunity for your friend to end the embarrassment of bad breath and gain new confidence!

Let Us Do the Dirty Work
Just visit our “Request Literature” page to request that we send literature about ProFresh to your friend. Simply click here to send us their name and email address. We will take care of the rest.