Enter ProFresh: Comments from a 20-Year ProFresh User

Last week, I received an email from a customer named Mark who’s been using ProFresh for 20 years. Mark casually mentioned that he has been a long-time customer, and that he would like to submit a review to be posted on our website.

I gladly responded, asking him to send me an email with his comments. The short story I received in return stopped me dead in my tracks:

“Twenty years ago, painfully aware that people would literally take a step back from me during conversations, I knew I had to solve an issue that was affecting my world in a major way.
Enter ProFresh.
Desperate for help, I eagerly made my initial purchase, not at all sure what to expect. Within days of my initial use, I noticed a huge change in the way that people reacted to me. They didn’t do the “two step” back-away that I’d grown accustomed to. Amazingly, they treated me the same way they would treat anyone.
Stunned and grateful for the results, I haven’t failed to use ProFresh for more than a handful of days in the past 20 years.
I greet every new personal encounter with complete confidence in my breath. ProFresh has made me a happier, more confident, and fulfilled person. I cannot recommend this product more enthusiastically.”

Mark, I cannot tell you how pleased we were to hear this at the ProFresh offices.

At ProFresh our mission isn’t only curing halitosis. In fact, our goal is to restore confidence, improve relationships, and help people to live happier lives.

If ProFresh has helped you overcome your struggle with bad breath, I encourage you to write to us and tell us your story.  Personal account like these, help let others battling halitosis know that they are not alone, and that a solution does exist.

To share your story simply send an email to info@profresh.com, and I will be more than happy to help share your success.